Weddings are for profit.
Romance is for Revenge

You’ve been invited to the wedding of Marquis Mxura Burghe and Lysandya Yvarai. A two day grand gala to include a horse race and a hunt. Well, at least they know how to show their guests a good time.

Everyone has heard the tragic tale of Lysandya Yvarai. Of how Mxura claimed Revenge on her father for the Murder of his oldest son. How he took the 6 year old girl in to groom more than raise and now…now the pretty little 18 year old is ready.

The weather to the north is surprisingly mellow for early autumn as you and your caravans travel Shanri to the Marquis’ castle. If he wasn’t a Marquis and you hadn’t received the invite personally you may not have bothered showing at all. But manners dictate you must, besides, it’s a good chance to create contacts and who knows? New Romance might be fun.


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